just so great


ISWH: Issue 1

What would this squirrel be thinking if he was a human?


Squirrel Fact: Issue 2

Do you know what they call baby squirrels?  The answer may surprise you…

Happy Birthday

Fan Art: Issue 1

A squirrelifan submission to celebrate our birthday!

excuse me sir, would you happen to have a light?

excuse me

would you happen to have a light, kind sir?


look at this beautiful creature


tell me mroe!

i am so interested in what u r saying

that is soo cool!

you talkin' to me?

tough albert

u talkin’ to me?

Blonde squirrel of the north on its approach

This just in: A rare sighting!

The elusive blonde squirrel of the North has been spotted again.  


Squirrel Fact: Issue 1

Squirrels tend to run in erratic paths.  Do you know why?